Message from the Pour Standards President and Agenda for July 11, 2019 Meeting

Dear Pour Standards Members (present and past) –

As the newly elected president of Pour Standards I’d like to say hello and extend my thanks for providing me this opportunity to serve. I started writing this letter from the Social Club at the National Homebrew Conference in Providence, RI. This conference along with my involvement with Pour Standards has reenergized my love of homebrewing. We have some extremely exciting plans for the next year so whether you are a current active member or a past member I’d encourage you to come to our next meeting. I’d also like to encourage everyone to bring someone new to the club; I’m sure that if you are anything like me people are always asking you about your hobby and they can learn more. The answer on Staten Island of course is Pour Standards!

Pour Standards meets on the second Thursday of each month at 7:00pm at Flagship Brewery. In addition to the monthly meeting the club has several events planned for the immediate future:

·       Club Brew (July 13?) – the final details are still to be determined but will likely be mid-July at my house. We will be brewing a beer that will be served at an event the club will be running in August at the Staten Island Museum.

·       Mead Day – August 3rd at Paul and Renee’s home. This will be a potluck and BBQ and we will try to have details at the next meeting.

·       Summer Nights – 99 Bottles of Beer on SI: Homebrewing for Beginners, Thursday, August 15, 7:00-9:00. The club has been invited to teach a session on learning how to homebrew.

·       This fall we will be taking another club bus trip to visit a brewery, meadery, cidery, cheesery etc or two (date TBD).

Also, as usual, the club will be running two separate major homebrew events in the upcoming year: Pourmania (October, 2019) and Brew for Autism (April, 2020).

At Homebrew Con I had the opportunity to meet and speak with home brewers from around the country. I got to meet Denny Con and Drew Beechum (of the Maltose Falcons) as well as Jon Palmer! Everyone was passionate about their local club but one past club officer of the Stoney Creek Homebrewers gave me the following advice upon hearing that I’d just been elected president:

“If your club isn’t growing then it is slowly dying. Don’t let your club become simply a social drinking club.”

That same homebrewer told me that if he had one single piece of advice to give me it was to make sure that your homebrew club was always actively learning together and that educating your club about homebrew and providing helpful feedback about each other’s beers was the single best way to make sure your club continues to grow and stay fresh and vibrant. I plan on taking this advice to heart and to that end I have a few initiatives that I’d like us to start incorporating into our monthly meetings.

·       I’m going to start circulating an agenda a week or so before each club meeting. They will likely not be long and will consist of just a few bullet points of issues that we are going to cover at the next meeting.

·       The club is going to be acquiring one of the Off-flavor kits from the Siebel Institute and each month we will be sampling one of the off flavors so that we can all start learning how to diagnose issues with our beers.

·       As a club we encourage our members to bring homebrew for the club to sample but this year we are going to sample the beers in a more systematic way so that we can provide the brewer with some real feedback.

·       Member Presentations – Every month I’m going to encourage one of our members to give a brief 10-15 minute presentation on some homebrew related topic as a jumping off point for a club discussion. A few obvious topics are as follows but if someone has a different topic they would like to present on then by all means, go crazy!

o   Yeast

o   Hops

o   Malt

o   Water

o   Adjuncts

o   Brewing with fruit

o   Mead, cider or wine.

o   Ales v. Lager

o   Fermentation

o   Styles of beer

·       Club Experiments and/or Duels (so mysterious!)

If you are already someone that comes to the monthly meeting then I hope the direction I plan on taking the club over the next year is interesting to you and that you will continue to participate. If you are someone who is a past member but who hasn’t come to a meeting in a while then I hope the above inspires you to return. If you are new to the hobby or an old pro who just hasn’t yet attended a meeting then please just come and say hello!


Nathan Anderson

President, Pour Standards


July 13 Meeting Agenda

·       Welcome and introductions

·       Club Business (old and new)

o   Mead Day – Location, time, potluck signup and recipe finalization

o   Brew for Autism – Report from Niall and Cris on delivery of final checks

·       Member Presentation – Nate Anderson recaps his trip to the National Homebrewers Conference. Homebrew Con swag

·       Off Flavors – First off flavor sample and discussion (if we have received the kit in time)

·       Sample and feedback for club member’s beers.

·       Adjournment to social “hour”