Brew for Autism 2019!

Another exciting Brew for Autism has come and gone! Yesterday was a great success.

The last handful of tickets were sold late in the week so the event was completely sold out!

Many fantastic beers were poured and drunk and much money was raised. Raffles were entered, won and lost and many of us woke this morning slightly the worse for wear.

Pour Standards would like to offer thanks to everyone who participated in the planning, setup and cleanup for the event as well as all of our guests without whom this event could not occur.

A few special thanks are in (no particular) order:

First, thank you to all of the volunteers from Autism Speaks who showed up and really helped make the day a success setting up, checking people in and running the raffles.

Thanks also to Snug Harbor and Celebrate Snug Harbor for being such great hosts and providing such a great and historic backdrop for our event.

This event could not happen without our sponsors. Thanks to Flagship Brewery and Kills Boro for their sponsorship of the glassware for the event (as well as their excellent beers) and to TeeStyles Screen Printing & Embroidery for donating the shirts for the event.

As always, Richmond County Beer Club, was instrumental in the planning and running of the event!

Thanks also to all of the members of Pour Standards, the Brewdies, Hand Grenades Home Brew Club, the Brewminaries and all of the other unaffiliated brewers who supported this event with their time and beers. Friendships were made yesterday and we are excited to be able to support you in your future events as well as reconnecting at Homebrew Con at the end of June!

Thanks to Mark O’Brien of Sitewave Cinema our DJ for supplying the music and being our MC.

Thanks to the professional craft breweries who participated this year: Kills Boro, Flagship Brewery, KCBC, Alewife, Keg & Lantern, Night Shift Brewing and Five Boroughs Brewing!

We also cannot forget all of the delicious food vendors who participated this year. All of these vendors donated their food and time to the event to make sure that we weren’t all drinking on empty stomachs. If you have the opportunity please stop by their restaurants to have a meal and give them our thanks in person:

Craft House

Chang Noi Thai

The Hop Shoppe


Nurnberger Bierhaus

Paulie’s Pizzeria

A Taste of Honey

Sweetly Brooklyn

Seppe Pizza Bar


The Gavel Grill

Liberty Tavern


Harvest Cafe

The Kettle Black

A special thank you to Sean Sweeney who provided the club with so many great photos of the event.

Thank you! We look forward to seeing you at your next meeting and next year!

—Pour Standards